The band  - Who they are and where they've been

Warde Elliott
Slim Pickin's Norton
Vocals & acoustic guitar

Strums the guitar, sings and writes songs and loves the lyrical side of music. Warde grew up listening to Dylan, Springsteen, Rodriguez, Pink Floyd and the likes of. Not to mention the country music that came with growing up in south west NSW.

Warde has received accolades for his songwriting in:

  • USA International Songwriting Competition. - "Rifles" (Tall Stories)
  • Australian Songwriters Competition - "Sunnier" (Most Things Lose Their Shine)
  • Unsigned Only (USA) - Most Things Lose Their Shine (title track)


Tim O'Donnell 
Brother Jim Norton
Lead Guitar & backing vocals  

After completing his Bachelor of Classical Guitar Tim has toured throughout Europe performing both solo and in ensembles. But Tim plays many genres. He loves rock, country and folk. He is heavily influenced by Neil young, Leo Kottke, David Gilmore, Frank Zappa & Jimmy Page.


Pete Batt 
Outlaw Cousin Pete Norton
Piano & backing vocals 

Former member of the 90's band Swordfish come dread-locked punk rocker now mellowed to be playing the new genre of Southern NSW Rock., much to his punk fans' displeasure. Who would have thought there was so much sensitivity in those fingers? Pete