The New Album

New album soon to be released
The namesake of Warde's first album, Son of John, has now passed on creating an explosion of writing that comes straight from the heart. Warde's 4th, and first full album with Tim O'Donnell and the Nortons, has been several years of on and off recording but is now close to completion. This collection of songs is personal, reflective and heartfelt. 

The playlist is a sample of desk mixes from the album.


Warde Elliott - songwriter, vocals, acoustic guitar 
Tim O’Donnell- guitars and backing vocals
Pete Batt - piano and backing vocals
Piet Collins and Tony Floyd - drums.  
Pete Lawler (backing vocals) and Stephen Hadley - bass.
Michelle Serret-Curso - Vocals

Recorded by James Oysters Kilpatrick at The Oyster Cave  and
Dave McCluney at Atlantic Studios. Mixed by Warde Elliott at Foul Mouth Productions