Warde Elliott & Tim O'Donnell - The Nortons

Warde Elliott and Tim O’Donnell have played together for the last 15 years and are the core of what has been nicknamed “The Nortons”. Several years ago Pete Batt joined the pair adding Piano and 3 part harmonies to the sound. 

Playing their own songs and some of their favourite songwriters, Warde, Tim and now Pete have performed far and wide. From all over regional NSW and Victoria to the North of Queensland, to Singapore, Germany and Switzerland. 

Warde’s songwriting has received accolades in the USA International Songwriter’s and the Australian Songwriters Competitions. The new album about to be released is the 4th that Warde has written and recorded with a host of some of Australia’s finest musicians. 

With a degree in classical guitar Tim is a master of his instrument. His guitar playing is always tasteful and compliments Warde’s vocals and lyrics.  Pete has brought great depth to the sound with his piano playing and vocal harmonies. Combine this with Warde’s vocal talents and songwriting it adds up to a show that always wins the audience.

You may never hear them take themselves too serious but they do take the music and pleasing audiences seriously! There is never a lack of emotion and energy in any of their performances!

We can write anything all we like here but the music should be heard not described and in the case of Warde, Tim and the Nortons live is best!

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Warde Elliott - at the Regent Theatre Plaza Ballroom

Warde Elliott - at the Regent Theatre Plaza Ballroom